Introducing Darling Brew

During a 9 month road trip through Africa, Kevin and Philippa Wood stumbled across the idea of micro breweries and instantly knew that Darling would be the perfect home for one. The initial ideas they came home with in May 2008 have grown in leaps and bounds and finally in March 2010 Darling Brew was born. The project has already developed to such a degree that various processes are having to be outsourced in order to meet demands but Darling will always be its home.

The Darling Brew design was inspired by the geometric tortoise, which is found only in the Western Cape and the Kalahari and is extremely rare. This tortoise captures the uniqueness and the unhurried character that is Darling Brew.

The beer is crisp and light (4% alcohol), with roasted aromas, is natural (preservative free) and has a 4 and a half week brewing time. Currently the brewery is focusing on supplying draught and bottled beers to restaurants in Darling and the West Coast Region. The response to their SLOW BEER has been excellent, but get to Darling and try it for yourself!

Very rare geometric tortoise

Very rare geometric tortoise

Currently available at The Marmalade Cat, Vyge Valley Farm Stall, Evita se Perron and Groote Post. Also available in Riebeek Kasteel’s Auntie Pasti, Paternoster’s Voorstrand, Blouberg’s Carluccis and Stellenbosch’s Slow Food Market.

Contact: Kevin Wood 0828891175 or Philippa Wood 0719012532





13 thoughts on “Introducing Darling Brew

  1. Just spotted this beer in Smulpaap in Technopark, Stellenbosch.

    As a micro brew enthusiast trying this beer is most definitely on my TODO list, love the logo & bottle size, 550ml for the latter if memory serves.

  2. Just visited Ou de Libertas in Stellenbosch.

    A Fantastic beer , a must for a summer day or for that any day. Good value for money . Will definitely get more in the furture.

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  4. Guys , I had one at the slowfoodmarket the other day, WOW is al I can say. Being a beer drinker only I have tasted quite a few good ales in my time and I must say this one competes / outcompetes the best imported brands out there ! So much so that I spent a few hours ( and ales ) longer at the market.

    Well done guys

  5. Great brew, and they deliver to you door if you can get their contact details. info@darling brew works.

    Looking forward to their ale (which by the way is not a lager). Any one know of other local micro breweries, I have seen a list on SouthYeasters, but there are their any others?

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  9. the darling brew is unbelievable! truly magnificent and rivals the best!

    I regularly drink it at the power and the Glory in Cape Town.

  10. A friend of mine suggested this brew to me a few months ago at Obz Cafe in Observatory, and the taste blew me off! What a great beer! Obz Cafe is serving it at a rather elevated price (R26 a pint) though, but it’s my choice everytime I go there.

  11. Hi there, i would just like to know where in JHB i can get this beer? i live near eastgate by Kensington and i am just wondering where this beer is sold, can i find it in any bottle store or does it only sell in select venues?
    Thank you

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