About Darling Life

This blog is run by Paul Martin on behalf of the Darling community.

You are welcome to send your news to blog {at} aloedarling (dot) co [dot] za and I will gladly include them. Feel free to also send any reviews of events, restaurants, galleries etc. in Darling, as well as photos for our online album.

I also recommend visiting the Darling Tourism website: www.darlingtourism.co.za

Looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S. I am the owner of Aloe Cottage, a luxury self-catering cottage in Darling: www.aloedarling.co.za

14 thoughts on “About Darling Life

    • Hi Restaurant in Ilfracombe.
      Thanks for your comments and the only tip I have is to “just do it”! I started this blog on a whim, and it really is very simple to operate. I’ve only had experience using WordPress and it’s a pretty good system. But I’m sure all the other blog engines are also good. Maybe have a look around at the various blogs you like and see what systems they use. I wish you all the best with your blog and please drop by again and share the address when it’s up and running.

  1. I am trying to find out about my great grandfather Reverend Robert Young Whitton.
    who was a missionary from +-1890 – 1930, not sure when exactly he was stationed at the mission station / presbyterin church
    please advise if you know of any one that might have any information
    thank you

  2. Hi Paul
    Darling is such a nice village just a pity that there is no where any information on longterm rentals in Darling, as the estate agents are no longer dealing with rentals. You don’t have any ideas as to how to get some information regarding rentals (min 12 months)?

    Such a nice blog – seems that Darling is really “busy”!

  3. Paul,
    Great blog. I have had my (digital) eye on Darling for quite some time as I have traveled the world in my career. My family and I are hoping to take a year hiatus soon, and darling seems like the ideal spot for some quiet breathing room to regain our senses. I do have one question. If we manage to stay for an extended time I will have to find a school for my two primary school aged children. Do you have a point of contact for schools in the area?
    Warmest Regards,

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