Rocking the Daisies in Darling 3-6 Oct 2013

rocking the daisies


Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival is back for another year at Cloof Wine Estate in DarlingLook out for the big guns!

After a sold out festival last year, expect more space, bigger arenas and top-class international content. Capacity will once again be limited to 15 000 of you festival frolickers, so get your game face on and snap up those tickets while you still can!


Cloof Wines Win Gold

Cloof Wines have received another accolade to add to their impressive award portfolio.

Veritas Gold Award was awarded to Cloof Wines for their Very Sexy Shiraz 2008. Congratulations!





“The Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine competition in South Africa and is synonymous with excellence in wine. It is the only wine competition in South Africa for the industry by the industry and the organisers, the South African National Wine Show (SANW), represents the full spectrum of the industry.

The Veritas Awards gives recognition to wines of exceptional quality and the distinctive Veritas symbol of excellence serves as an authoritative quality guideline for wine connoisseurs. Gold and double gold awards are of significant value to the wine industry as well, as it offers a prestigious image for the wine, winery and winemaker and contributes to growth in sales.”

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Spring has arrived and Rocking the Daisies is almost upon us.

Rocking the Daisies’ Walking the Daisies and Cycle to Daisies are happening yet again! Continuing from last year’s success, both initiatives will be bigger and more exciting than ever.

This year’s Walking the Daisies will see 40 people walking on a beautiful 2 day, 60km hike through the West Coast wild flower region via beaches, conservation areas and farmlands on route to the festival. Fruit and Veg City are back on board for the second year running to make sure all the walkers are well fed and looked after during the journey. The overnight camp at Silverstroomstrand is set to be a great little social gathering where friends are encouraged to visit for a braai and camp with the walkers. Once again all walkers will receive a free festival ticket and other goodies in return for their commitment to a carbon-neutral festival journey.

Cycle to Daisies 2010 will once again reward 100 people for “playing hard, and treading lightly” by giving them 50% off their festival ticket. Cyclists will also be able hire bikes in advance for the trip or have the opportunity to donate their old bikes to BEN (Bicycling Empowerment Network) after the festival.

For news, route maps and info on how to register for both initiatives please visit Numbers are limited, so don’t delay.

Female festival goers can once again enjoy the luxuries of camping at the Levi’s® Daisy Den at Rocking the Daisies. The Den will provide ladies only with the opportunity to lounge on a lazy ottoman, freshen up in front of a sparkling mirror and enjoy private, luxury bathroom facilities – everything needed to make sure they stay gorgeous for the whole festival. Ladies will also be able to experience the newly launched Levi’s® Curve ID jeans, with the opportunity to be custom measured and fitted to discover their ideal Levi’s® Curve ID fit and have a fab festival pic taken. They will also receive an exclusive Daisy Den 10% discount voucher to use in Levi’s® Stores at a later date.

The event awareness campaign for 2010 will focus on Water. Rocking the Daises does not sell any bottled water at the festival. Organisers instead aim to promote the benefits of utilising our natural resources in a sustainable manner through available water points, purified water stations and reusable water bottles.

Rocking the Daisies’ Green House, an area dedicated to promoting green living initiatives, will play host to the festival’s green supporters including long standing green partner, Hemporium. The Green House will also feature a Conscious Cinema, showcasing the latest environmental and social titles, drawing attention this year to water issues. The Conscious Cinema will enlighten danced-out festival goers through thought-provoking films and documentaries such as FLOW: For the Love of Water, Water – The Great Mystery, Blue Gold, One Water and HOME.

At the Rocking the Daisies we believe in all the good things in life. Check out this year’s confirmed line up for the Rocking the Daisies festival – enjoy!

Rocking the Daisies 2010

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Welcome to Darling’s environmentally friendly music and lifestyle festival, full of music, good food, good people and great times.

Thousands of fan photos on the Facebook fan page say it all : Rocking The Daisies is a weekend in Darling filled with smiling, happy people like this:

If you like conscientious camping, live music, comedy, good food, green projects, short road trips in the country and a friendly atmosphere, make a date with the Daisies.

This year, the expansion of the green fest sees a celebration of spring across the country, with Rocking The Daisies and Rocking The Gardens (Johannesburg ) taking place on the same weekend.

While sensible souls bring brollies and blankets, we’re generally blessed with brilliant weather over the festival weekend. That hasn’t stopped Gumboots from becoming a festival trademark. Other uniform items are bikinis, parasols, plakkies, parkas, gloves and really big grins. The entertainment line up gives good reason.

Reasons to smile 1: the big, beautiful stage and its wild, wonderful music

Once again, we’ve got visitors from afar.  On Friday New Young Pony Club(UK) will save the night with their sing-along post-punk, New Wave and dance.

Saturday night rocks.  The Springbok Nude Girls will boot up and break hearts. The rock veterans will tear up the stage that also sees  rock n roll stalwarts Taxi Violence, our lady EJ von Lyrik and the ante-encore, monki-punksters, Boo!

Gentler souls will enjoy lounging around to the tune of Holiday Murray first thing on Sunday morning, whose upbeat harmonics make for a cheerful opening to a peaceful party day.

Reasons to smile 2: DJ tent – Red Bull Studio Live

Smaller than the fabulous main stage, this is the tent that rocked the rockers with a swoon of DJs playing everything from light electro to deep jungle. It was tight, it was dusty, and trust me, it was happening.

Reasons to smile 3: The comedy tent is a laugh

The Lemon Tree Theatre will have you in stitches this year. Melt  – amongst  others  – was hilarious in 2009 with cross cultural quips, and this year promises to be your shelter from the norm. If you want to make your debut as the butt of a professional joke, wear weird clothes.

Reasons to smile 4: Cuervo Nu World Beat Barn

Mixes live and recorded with a taste for traditional beats and acoustic elements. Guy Buttery’s fine fingering and Babu’s light, lovable Indian classical fusion will feature, as well as banging dance beats from Mr. Balkanology, Maoriginal later on in the evening.

And that’s just the beginning. Expect stalls, open stretches of countryside, dipping in the dam and dancing all the away. You can see why they made it a three DAY affair that looks a little like this:

(watch out for the funny face at 0:55)

More from the organisers

We chatted to Brian Little, director of Complete Events, about some of the finer details.

CTM: RTD is really coming of age as an all-round entertainment experience  with its beautiful, huge stage, last year’s comedy tent (a big hit in 2009), and the DJ tent that never slept. Is Rocking The Daisies adding any other extras or new initiatives to the experience?

Brian: Once again we will be looking to up our game on every level. This year we have put a lot of effort into the Red Bull Studio Live electronic marquee to create an experience that will be remembered long after the festival is over! We will also be adding a fourth stage this year known as the Jose Cuervo Nu World Beat Barn, this area will focus on foot-stomping beats inspired by traditional music from all around the world. Think Balkan, African, South American, Swing etc

CTM: We’re very interested in the extra efforts your exhibitors make each year. Last’s Seattle experience was quite something. Is there anything new to look forward to from stall holders, or standard favourites that the lifestyle fest would like to highlight?

Brian: When our partners come on board it’s really awesome to see them invest in the Daisies ethos and get creative with their respective areas. This year Nokia have come on board to create an exciting interactive lounge area and Levi’s® are back again with a really cool initiative in our ladies-only Daisy Den. Ray Ban have also come on board this year and will be creating a chill area where people can come relax and experience Rocking the Daisies in a completely new way.

CTM: Can we expect RTD branded gumboots, umbrellas, hats or shades any time soon?

Brian: Ha ha, unfortunately no gumboots, hats or shades this year but if you buy your festival ticket online and register with OVI Music ( you will receive a free official festival tee shirt!


8, 9, 10 October 2010

Cloof Wine Estate, Darling

Full Weekend – outlets R440 , online R465
Saturday/ Sunday – outlets R370, online R395
Sunday – online/gate  R150
Cycle to Daisies – online R235
Campervan (excl. festival ticket) – online R100

Rare Bulbs Found at Cloof

Aliens Give Way to Endangered Indigenous Species

Over the past few weeks many of the top botanists of the Fynbos region have set their sights on Cloof’s Burgherspost Nature Reserve. This was not only because of the spectacular show of daisies and rare bulbs that we usually have, but also the new populations of critically endangered species recently discovered in the reserve. A species is classified as critically endangered when strong evidence points towards the species declining to such a degree that the likelihood of it going extinct in the wild is very high.

The bulbs pictured below owe their re-discovery and subsequent proliferation entirely to our alien-clearing programme. If the Port Jacksons had remained, it’s likely that these species would have been lost to the Cape Floral Kingdom forever.
Babiana leipoldtii ‘Leipoldt se bobbejaantjie’ is known in only seven locations around Darling and nowhere else in the world. All seven sites have highly fragmented, tiny populations are under threat from encroachment by alien trees (Port Jacksons) and grasses (Cynodon dactylon ‘kweek‘). These little specialist bulbs grow in seasonally wet marshlands in low densities and flower for a brief period from early to mid-August. Last year only three individuals were counted on the reserve, but the early warm weather and intensive alien clearing program saw nearly 150 bulbs flowering in a tiny 2 ha area.
Babiana pygmaea ‘geelbobbejaantjie’ is even more rare than B. leipoldtii, previously known in only two locations, and on the brink of extinction. The locations are kept secret from the public, fearing illegal collecting of the very few remaining individuals by specialist collectors. Three individual plants where discovered in an area recently cleared of Port Jacksons and upon further investigation another site with at least 50 adult plants was discovered only a few metres away.
To come and see these amazing flowers for yourself (depending upon when you visit, there may be others), book a wildflower game drive at Cloof or e-mail your details and dates to The drive lasts for about 2 hours and costs R150 per person (minimum two people and no drives on Sundays).

Cloof launches Kalumpie & Co.

Kalumpie & Co.Here’s a feel-good (and taste-good) initiative from Cloof Wine Estate. All proceeds of their new wine label, Kalumpie & Co, will be used to fund an education trust for the children of Cloof employees.

Frederick “Bolle” Kalumpie is notionally the production manager at Cloof, but his actual responsibilities extend way beyond that. There isn’t a thing that happens here without his involvement in some shape or form.
His family has lived on Cloof since at least 1945. Given the shameful realities of Apartheid-era South Africa, none of his forebears would have had the employment opportunities that Bolle does. We are both fortunate and privileged to have him as part of the team.
Bolle is married to Marchell, who is responsible for the invoicing and delivery of all our local orders. She is one of the most naturally service-orientated people we have ever encountered and a gem in every respect.
Sadly, the Bolle and Marchell life story is not widely replicated in rural areas. Many promising youngsters are either sucked into the life of alcoholism and drug abuse which surrounds them, or cannot afford the education that will give them a hand-up in life.
In 2005 Bolle and his team of cellar assistants made small batches of Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot, which were aged in barrel, blended and ultimately bottled. This wine is now being released under the label Kalumpie & Co.
It is a wine with all the flavour and concentration you would expect of a Cloof wine, and excellent value at the price.
There is a small quantity of this wine available, and we ask that you support the initiative by ordering Kalumpie & Co Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot 2005 at a cost of only R49 per bottle. To order, visit

Cloof Gourmet BBQ on 8 November

Cloof gourmet BBQ

Cloof Gourmet BBQ is based on the premise that barbecue is not only an informal food choice, but can also be stylish. Cuisine in its own right.

The next Gourmet BBQ is on 8 November.

On the Tables…
Rooster Koek – Soft bread dough filled with delicious goodies and roasted on the braai to achieve the ultimate crispy crust with steaming cheesy fillings:
• Mozzarella and pesto
• Brie and smoked tomatoes
• And for dipping – home made hummus and Cloof Kitchen’s Aubergine Pickle

Gourmet BBQEntrée
Fiery Pakistani chicken wings with tomato and coriander salsa

For Main
Braaied Pork chops glazed with spicy apple and served with gorgonzola and red wine sauce
Cloof’s legendary thrice roasted potato wedges with roast garlic and lemon mayo

Pork loin ribs charred on the braai with Chinese bbq and sour plum sauce
Braaied rounds of butternut basted with cinnamon butter topped with wild rocket

Spanish white bean salad laced with fresh tarragon, diced tomato, avocado and smoked paprika

Wood roasted tomato and goats cheese tart with basil pesto and fresh rocket
Spinach and feta phylo parcel with sundried tomatoes and aubergine pickle

For Dessert
Chocolate and lavender mousse with fresh berry and lime sorbet and whipped cream

R180 per head

And for the little darlings…
Sticky BBQ Ribs
Cheese Rolls
Fresh fruit
Soft drinks and fruit juice

For Dessert
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles

R60 per darling

Contact Mario ( or 022-4922839) for bookings.

Feeling eco-friendly at Rocking the Daisies 09

by Ruth Cooper (courtesy of

Rocking the Daisies

It seems that this year’s Rocking the Daisies was not just more eco-friendly, but also more friendly in general. Reading a couple of post-event reviews, the general consensus seems to be on what a happy, fun and friendly fest it was and I, for one, would agree. Beautiful weather (excluding the vicious night winds), beautiful people, beautiful music – aaah I wish I was still there.

Saturday morning, the sun rose in a clear blue sky, the wind subsided and those not too tuckered out by a crazy Friday rose early to get the day started. As mentioned in Miss Sindy’s review, there was much to see and do, and enough entertainment options on offer to make one feel quite torn. “Shall we go check the Red Bull Radar Competition or get grooving in the electro tent, no wait, the Best of the Fest Comedy is about to get underway – maybe we’ll just stay here by the dam and work on soaking up some sun… good plan.”

Saturday night brought more deliberation; dancing like a trancie in that very awesome electro tent with Marcus Wormstorm or hanging out with the prodigal Just Jinjer at the main stage? Just Jinger won out in my case and I think I made the right decision. They are like the poster band for Rocking the Daisies, hippy looking lead-tick, tight tight vocals and instruments-tick, happy positive and socially conscious lyrics-tick, proudly South African (even after a stint in the States)- tick. The RTD audience and I welcomed them back with open arms. 

Another proudly SA band, Prime Circle, was next on stage and rocked and worked the crowd like the true professionals they are. While waiting for Prime Circle to do their thing, a girl standing next to me proclaimed: “Sorry hun, I’m like going to mosh you when they start, their my all-time favourite band.” I replied that this should be no problem as long as I got to mosh her back. She didn’t seem to agree with this line of thinking so I disappeared to the photographers’ pit when they started and left her to mosh in peace. Personally, I find Prime Circle just a tad boring, just a little too mainstream for my taste, but on Saturday night I couldn’t help but get caught up in their tight rock tracks and, suddenly, discovered that I knew the lyrics to most of their songs. 

The Black Hotels, EJ Von Lyric and Gazelle kept those there at the main stage “happy and clapping like they knew it” while Haezer, Graze Digger and Killer Robot kept the Red Bull Electro Tent thumping well on into the night.

Rocking the Daisies 09 was a huge success on many levels, learning from past years’ problems and fixing them, and then some. It’s no wonder that there were so many happy love and goodwill vibes in the air; we can’t wait for next year.