Soccer in Darling

While Darling might have elected to become a “soccer free” zone, we certainly do not need to be a “visitor-free” zone – where better to chill out away from hectic city crowds.

For those who do not have tickets and therefore have no need to be in the city rush; you could not find a better place to watch the soccer.

Cafè Mosaic
This rendezvous in the Main Road will be open from early til late every day from 11 June until 11 July for Soccer ‘jolyt’.
Matches will be screened in the non-smoking as well as the new dedicated smokers section.
Telephone 022 492 2307

!Khwa ttu
!Khwa ttu will be showing the soccer tomorrow and every day for the rest of the world cup.
Come experience our creative world cup soccer excitement.
Telephone 022 492 2998

Bistro 7
Will be showing the soccer in the Pub tomorrow and most days during the soccer World Cup
Opening hours Mon, Wed to Sat 5pm – 11pm
Sunday 11am – 11pm
Closed all day Tuesdays
Telephone 022 492 3626

Kraalbosdam will be showing the soccer games tomorrow.
The TV will be on from the start +- 2pm
The kitchen will open at 7pm
Telephone 022 492 2345

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