Upcoming shows at Evita se Perron

See Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout in action at Darling’s famous ‘Evita se Perron’ theatre…


Show times subject to change. Always check http://www.evita.co.za for the latest programme. Booking essential for all shows.


February 2014 

Saturday 01 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish
19H00 50 Shades of Bambi

Sunday 02 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Saturday 08 14H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 09 14H00 And then there was Madiba

Friday 14 19h00 50 Shades of Bambi
Valentine´s evening

Saturday 15 14H00 Adapt or Fly

Sunday 16 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Sunday 23 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus


March 2014

Friday 21 14H00 Evita´s Human Rights
19h00 Adapt or Fly

Saturday 22 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish
19h00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 23 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Sunday 30 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus


April 2014

Saturday 12 14H00 Adapt or Fly

Sunday 13 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Saturday 19 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish
19h00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 20 14H00 Tannie´s Easter

Monday 21 14H00 Adapt or Fly

Friday 25 19h00 An Evening with Evita

Saturday 26 14H00 Adapt or Fly
19H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 27 14H00 Evita´s Freedom Day

Monday 28 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish


May 2014 

Thursday 01 14H00 Evita´s Workers Day

Friday 02 14H00 Adapt or Fly

Saturday 03 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish
19H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 04 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus
Saturday 10 14H00 Adapt or Fly
19h00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Sunday 11 14H00 Evita´s Mothers Day

Saturday 17 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish

Sunday 18 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Saturday 24 14H00 Adapt or Fly

Sunday 25 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Saturday 31 14H00 An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish


Call Beryl on 022 492 3930
E-mail bookings@evita.co.za


‘Xmas in July’ at Evita se Perron


Have a great break from the city and eat drink & be merry with Tannie Evita as she celebrates an extra Christmas in the middle of the year. Enjoy a good laugh over Xmas lunch in the cosy theatre. You’ll find scandal, hope, hilarity and even a sing-a-long in Evita’s Xmas stocking!

The Theatre/Restaurant/Bar, Boerassic Park & Evita’s A en C (arts & crafts) are open Tues to Sun from 10h00 to 16h00 for visitors to enjoy the vibe.

Contact Beryl on (022) 492 3930 for enquiries/bookings or e-mail bookings@evita.co.za  or visit www.evita.co.za.


Evita se Perron Xmas Season 2011

Evita se Perron Xmas Season

There is a full programme of shows scheduled for the festive season at this quirky theatre on the old Darling Station. To find out what is on during this month, please contact Beryl on (022) 492 3930 or e-mail bookings@evita.co.za http://www.evita.co.za (Bookings are essential)

Please note: the Theatre/Restaurant/Bar, Boerassic Park & Evita’s A en C (arts & crafts) are open Tues to Sun from 10h00 to 16h00 for visitors to enjoy the vibe.

Friday 16 19h00 Desperate First Ladies
Sat 17 14h00 Icons and Aikonas
  19h00 Reconcile with Evita
Sun 18 14h00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus
Tues 20 14h00 Evita’s Xmas Tree
Wed 21 14h00 Evita’s Xmas Tree
Thurs 22 14h00 Evita’s Xmas Tree
Fri 23 14h00 Evita’s Xmas Tree
Sat 24 14h00 Evita’s Xmas Tree
Tues 27 14h00 Icons and Aikonas
Wed 28 14h00 Desperate First Ladies – SOLD OUT
Thurs 29 14h00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus
Fri 30 14h00 Evita’s Old Year/New Year
Sat 31 14h00 Evita’s Old Year/New Year

It’s not too late to be part of the 2011 Voorkamerfest in Darling!

The time is drawing near for the annual Voorkamerfest in Darling. Now in its eighth year, the Voorkamerfest once again offers a unique, multi-cultural experience in an exciting and unconventional format. 
Although most accommodation is already booked and Voorkamerfest tickets sold, here is an opportunity to be part of this unique Darling experience. Fine-a-Leigh Tours, in collaboration with Koekemakranka Backpackers, are offering package weekend/day trips…
Tour brochures are available on request and contain detailed information of what we have put together, as well as the costs thereof. There is a choice of:
Weekend Trip: 02 Sept to 04 Sept 2011 – ZAR 1550 per person
Day Trip:  3 Sept 2011 – ZAR 700 per person

All Fine-A-Leigh tour packages are inclusive of transport, meals, accommodation and entrance fees… all you need to budget for over and above the tour cost is drinks, art/crafts and souvenir purchases. We have decided to structure all our tour packages in this way for ease of budgeting on the part of our clients. Very often one may find that a planned trip constitutes unforseen additional expenses which one only suffers the consequences of after the trip. Having said that, we are sure that you will agree our tour costs are really VERY AFFORDABLE.
The Voorkamerfest is an annual event for all ages and is such a big hit that tickets sell out every year very shortly after they go on sale, so we are confident that you will enjoy the experience, should you decide to make a booking.

Tour Booking and Enquiries
Deidre Prout
Tel:  +27 21 531 5760
Mobile:  +27 72 104 3563

General Voorkamerfest Bookings and Enquiries:

Tasha St John-Reid
Voorkamerfest Coordinator and Bookings
082 321 7542 or 022 492 3427

Evita se Perron programme: April 2011


Evita se Perron programme: April 2011

Saturday 9th 19H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 10th 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Saturday 16th 14H00 Icons and Aikonas
Saturday 16th 19H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 17th 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Thursday 21st 19h00 Ouma Ossewania Praat Vuil

Saturday 23rd 14H00 Icons and Aikonas
Saturday 23rd 19H00 Desperate First Ladies

Sunday 24th 14H00 Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Monday 25th 14H00 Evita’s Easter Monday

Tuesday 26th 14h00 Desperate First Ladies

Programme subject to change. Please visit www.evita.co.za for latest information.

Voorkamerfest 2010 line-up

The annual Voorkamerfest takes place in Darling on 3, 4 and 5 September 2010. Tickets are sold out unfortunately, but if you are lucky enough to have bagged a few, here is the line-up you can look forward to. More information on the Voorkamerfest at www.voorkamerfest-darling.co.za .

Andisiwe Mbunje
South Africa
Andisiwe Mbunje’s EKHAYA performs UCHULUMANCO

The new theatre company Ekhaya (‘My home’) from Khayelitsha will premier its production “Uchulumanco” during the 7th Voorkamerfest!

Directed by Xhosa actress/singer/dancer Andisiwe Mbunje the show reveals daily life in a little Eastern Cape village. Songs and dances, weddings, feasts – joy, love, peace is all there and here.

Angels on Horseback
South Africa
Starring: Fiona du Plooy, Candice D’Arcy, Jamie Jupiter and Gene Kiermane

Picture the small frontier town of Darling, the whisper of tumbleweed blowing down the dusty streets.The setting sun has left a trail of bloody red in the sky. Now listen carefully for the ominous thud of cowboy boots walking on wooden boards, the creaky complaint of saloon doors being thrown open as four silhouettes outline the doorway of a seemingly ordinary home . Could it be ??

Here to make us line dance in our seats! Here to make us beg for them to do that song that sounds like Dolly Parton making out with John Denver on a warm summers eve in Savannah Georgia. Here to make us laugh till we cry beer tears and remember that one that got away.

Dust off your Stetson and get ready to ride into the sunset with ANGELS ON HORSEBACK.

“An awesome show featuring country music, but with a uniquely South African spin in the lyrics. The cast make the show a pleasure to both watch and participate in. And yes girls, I would take Ryk Neethling on or off a silver tray too!” Cue review 2008 NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL GRAHAMSTOWN.


Bernard Loonen
The Netherlands
Songs of Travel

Bernard Loonen, a tenor from the Netherlands. For this special VKF-production he will be accompanied by (someone special) on piano.

From the pen of author and traveller Robert Louis Stevenson come the words for Songs of Travel by folksong collector and composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. Poems from the latter days of a century and a literary career (1896), to music from the beginning of the next century and the start of a musical career. RLS (1850-1894) knew about travel and how to tell the story (as readers of Treasure Island know), and RVW (1872-1958) was a master of his art, which can be heard in these wonderful tunes.

The first three songs of the cycle set the pace for a musical journey. Where the road will subsequently lead is for the audience to decide …

Gaëtan Schmid
South Africa
Rumpsteak’s Teazer

Rumpsteak’s Teazer is a 25min tasty little appetiser to Rumpsteak, the show.

Rumpsteak, the show is an exhilarating “behind-the-scenes” look at the rush hour in a kitchen of a French restaurant. Gaëtan Schmid (writer / actor) doesn’t move from his one square meter mini stage while performing 13 characters over a soundscape of more than 800 sound effects.

Gaëtan will tantalise your taste buds with an introductory life lexicon to whisk in all these unpronounceable French words like “Cuisses de grenouille” and “Huitres à la ciboulette”.

Bon appétit!

Guy Buttery
South Africa

Since the phenomenal success of his latest album, winning him 3 National Awards [including a South African Music Award for “Best Instrumental Album of 2010” and the Standard Bank Gold Ovation Award] Guy Buttery has been kept busy with a packed schedule of both national and international dates. Described as a “one-man-guitar-army”, Guy is a National treasure and the top ambassador of the acoustic guitar in South Africa today.


Jungle Theatre Company
South Africa
Indlovu People

Indlovu People is a family show about elephants. Three children go on an adventure in the jungle. They meet !Kama Indlovu a mystical old man who holds the key to the elephant world. !Kama takes them on a journey into the mysterious origins of Indlovu People.

The audience get involved in magical puppetry, catchy music and comedy and their relationship with these majestic creatures is changed forever.

Created by Jungle Theatre Company, directed by Heather Mac and performed by Nimray Kruger, Ntombi Mkhasibe, Mfundo Hashe and Vincent Meyburgh.

Web: www.jungletheatre.co.za

Mamela Nyamza
South Africa

Hatched is a sequel to the autobiography “Hatch” which is based on the manifestering of a girl child’s beginning, ultimately unfolding into a young adult who is moulded to her cultural value system? This movement piece seeks to convey deeply personal and challenging issues of culture, tradition and a woman’s evolving sexuality within the customary rites and rituals of marriage, until she realises her true identity.

Grahamstown Festival reviews:
Hatching a fresh and brave mind
Nyamza’s dance production grows up

Matzer Theaterproducties
The Netherlands

Two brothers. One father.
A trial, a challenge, a chance.
111 is a sparkling parable about honour and humility, faith and fate.

With respect for all fairytales, bible stories and myths the actors/musicians Jasper Boeke and Helge Slikker offer us a modern narrative about two men on a quest.

111 is a sensitive story with music and magic, language and laughter, culminating in one hundred and eleven days as the ultimate dedication.

111 is a festival-production by MATZER Theaterproducties.The English première is in September 2010 during the Voorkamerfest in Darling, South-Africa.

Web: www.matzer.org

Mvakalisi “Dobs” Madotyeni
South Africa
Dobs’ Famous Opera Arias

Accompanied by Albert Combrink on Piano.

Mvakalisi “Dobs” Madotyeni is an Actor, Singer and Musician born in Umtata. He was recently in Holland for “Amandla Mandela de Musical” in which he played Chief Hintsa and Steve Biko.

South Africa
Meadlowlands to Motown

Put the spirit of Miriam Makeba and the wildness of Tina Turner in a pint sized package, and what do you get? Nomfusi! The petit Afro-soul singer from Khayelithsa joins forces with guitar wunderkind Mark Williams to bring you a powerhouse performance of Sophiatown classics, with a Motown twist. … more info

Web: www.nomfusi.com

Not the Midnight Mass
South Africa
Not the Midnight Mass

South Africa’s award winning a Capella group Not the Midnight Mass are back again.The group has a new and exciting line up; stalwarts Graham and Christine Weir are once again joined by Cape Town’s most popular jazz diva, Amanda Tiffin, as well as award winning actress Anthea Thompson and funny-man Donal Slemon. The show is choreographed and staged by Fiona du Plooy.

Singing like angels but with a devilish wit, in 2009 the members of Not the Midnight Mass won the Fleur de Cap Award for Best performance in a Cabaret. They have been hailed both nationally and internationally for their unique blend of harmonies, humor and original writing and the show sports some old favorites like Led Zepplins “A whole Lotta Love”, Pachelbel’s Canon in D as well as a new and hilarious rendition of My Fair Lady’s “On The Street Where you Live”.

Owen Britz & Pieter van Zyl
South Africa

Owen Britz started with music lessons at the age of 16. Six years later he obtained his B. Mus from the University of the Free State with piano as major instrument. During his studies he performed as soloist with the Free State Symphonic Wind Orchestra, amongst others, and also as accompanist for soloists. He studied with Nettie Immelman and Albie van Schalkwyk. In 2005 Owen took up flute lessons with Maria Swart in Bloemfontein. Under the tutorship of Marietjie Pauw he obtained his UNISA Performer’s Licentiate for Flute cum laude in 2010. Owen currently resides in Darling.

Pieter van Zyl het n B.MUS-graad aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, ‘n M.MUS-graad aan die Universiteit van Port Elizabeth en Voordraerslisensiate aan UNISA en Royal Schools behaal. Hy het klavier studeer by Makkie Loubser, Danie Smit, Lamar Crowson, Nancy Hofmeyr, Betsie Cluver en Neil Solomon. Pieter balanseer sy liefde vir musiek met n passie vir drama. Hy is opgelei in die mime corporel-tegniek en filosofie van die Franse teatermeeste Etienne Decroux. Pieter het as musikant en akteur regdeur Suid-Afrika gewerk, sowel as in Zimbabwe, Engeland, Skotland, België, Frankryk, Griekeland en Kalifornië.

Philip de Villiers en Die Blinde Boere Orkes
South Africa

Born and raised in the Swartland, singer and songwriter Philip de Villiers collaborates with Die Blinde Boereorkes from Worcester, to bring you songs more than a century old from the Bo-Kaap. Fusing traditionalsakkie-sakkie with vibrant ghoema, they give birth to an infectious new style. Brimming with cheerfulness, this group of visually impaired musicians paint a colourful picture of early 20th century life in the Bo-Kaap. … more info

Web: www.blindeorkes.co.za

Roelien Grobbelaar
South Africa
Matters of the Harp

Acquainted with the music and entertainment industry for over 18 years, professional harpist Roelien Grobbelaar captivates and charms with an enchanting Lyon & Healy Concert Harp.

As an ad hoc member of various orchestras she has performed under the baton of conductors such as Victor Yampolsky, Gerhard Korsten, Owain Arwell Hughes, Eric Rycroft and Kamal Kahn.

Roelien regularly performs at some of the most prominent occasions in South Africa and has entertained international celebrities such as HRH Prince Edward Earl of Wessex and has performed with multi Grammy award winners George Benson and Kanye West.

This harp performance hosted by the Voorkamerfest will showcase the romantic character of the instrument. Amongst other you can look forward to music from the ballet “The Nutckracker”, Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” and a romantic Tango by Astor Piazzolla.

You will witness the harp’s grand scope of sounds, from virtuosic original harp works to some of the most well known classical pieces you love.

Web: www.harpist.co.za

Shimmy Isaacs
South Africa
Allie Pad Funny Worcester

“Allie Pad Funny Worcester” is a one woman comedy show that focuses on specific Western Cape culture of colored, black and white people; looking at their way of life.

The show starts with Shimmy Isaacs from Worcester who has left her home town at the age of 16 to pursue acting. Through her journeys as a confused coloured woman she has come into contact with all sorts of cultural dilemmas of her own race and others. After being teased for her “whity” accent while attending a model c school in Worcester, she found herself assuming a split personality; at home she was “coloured”, at school she inadvertently became a “whity”.

Cape Town, known as the city of cosmopolitan lifestyles even confused her more; when she learned there was no set coloured “identity” or one “identity”.

Real issues and experiences are tackled in this humorous stand-up comedy performance where characters that have influenced her experiences and way of life are depicted.

In this show she plays out all of the different personalities that she has encountered over the years. Situations are taken and compared amongst the different group types.

Siv Ngesi
South Africa
Stand-up Comedian

A white black comedy… about blacks who think like whites… told by a black guy… who sounds white!

From Sold Out shows and winner of the Golden Ovation Award at the 2010 Grahamstown National Arts-Festival.

Review from CUE: “A brave new face in stand-up, Siv Ngesi delivers a brilliant new dish! Top quality laughs…makes me proud to be a South African

Soma Fusion Bellydance Company
South Africa
Dancers: Marissa Cuenoud, Kashiefa Athanatos
Percussionist: James van Minnen

Tribal Fusion Belllydance is the newest member of the exotic family of bellydance. It is a women’s dance… with a twist. Taking old styles, traditional rhythms and costuming and fusing it with contemporary electronic music, modern pops n locks, sinuous muscular movement and a theatrical flair, Soma Fusion Bellydance Company has created a very dynamic and unique style of their own. Along with live percussion mixed into electronic beats, finger symbals and intricate choreography, prepare for a sensual, sensory feast.

Web: www.soma.co.za

Steve Sandomierski
South Africa
Cabaret Comedy Magic

Ever wonder how a card rises, a coin vanishes, or generally how those silly magicians make things seem impossible? Well you won’t learn it here, but come and join The College of Magic’s Steve Sandomierski for an excursion into the lighter side of magic as he engages you with his brand of Cabaret Comedy Magic.

Steve is currently the reigning South African Magic Grand Prix Winner, so whether it’s sleight of hand sorcery or laugh-a-minute mystical miracles, Steve is your man!


The Darling iAfrica Queens
South Africa
Treinspoor Stories

The Darling iAfrica Drama Queens have been a regular feature at the Voorkamerfest since they where part of the Mothertongue project in 2006.

Treinspoor Stories is written and performed by Ivy Johnson and Sary Vlotman, Directed by Stefan Hurter and tells stories of Darling, not found in any history book. A special appearance by local Boerstryk musicians; Robert Beziek and Floors Martinus, will give the audience a glimpse into a colorful past and promises to get the feet tapping.

The Pink Couch
South Africa
Mafeking Road
An adaptation of stories by Herman Charles Bosman

Set in one of South African fiction’s most famous streets, Mafeking Road is Herman Charles Bosman for the next generation!

Using physical theatre, two actors will present two of Bosman’s short stories, taking you on a journey into another world where the peach brandy flows and the moonlight brings magic.

Presented by The Pink Couch
With Andrew Laubscher and Mathew Lewis
Directed by Tara Louise Notcutt

Werner Denner
South Africa
Multi Instrumentalist

The ultimate solo multi instrumentalist and crowd pleaser!

From Saxophones to pan pipes, guitar, keyboards, melodica, flute and haunting vocals, Werner Denner’s show is a must on your show calendar.

For full biography, check out his website at www.wernerdenner.co.za