Groote Post Wins Vinpro Vineyard Award with Record Score

Confirmation of the intrinsic quality of Groote Post’s wines was again clearly illustrated when one of its Sauvignon blanc blocks received a record winning score of 100.5%, due to bonus points for specific criteria, at the 2012 VinPro Winetech Vineyard Block Competition for the Swartland area, which comprises 10% of South Africa’s national vineyard.

The award was handed to Groote Post viticulturist, Jannie de Clerk, by VinPro soil scientist, Braham Oberholzer, at an awards ceremony at Groote Post, where the highly-acclaimed sauvignon blanc block was referred to as “a textbook example” of a winning vineyard.

Groote Post’s 2.57-hectare award-winning sauvignon blanc block was planted in 2005 on the upper, south-and sea-facing slopes of the cool-climate Darling Hills, home to Groote Post’s 108.3 hectares of vineyards. Groote Post vineyard blocks have won this VinPro competition three times previously: in 2000 with a sauvignon blanc block and in 2001 and 2007 with merlot blocks. None of the winning blocks have been the same because winning blocks may not be entered a second time.

Groote Post co-owner, Nick Pentz, was elated with the award, “We have always made a great effort in producing the highest quality grapes as we believe that this is a crucial ingredient in making premium-quality wines. Our viticulturist, Jannie de Clerk, must be especially commended on winning this award with a record score; a tremendous achievement which reflects his passionate commitment and diligence.”

The annual VinPro Winetech Vineyard Practice Evaluation covers all the main wine-grape growing areas and is judged by a panel of viticultural experts in the industry. The competition evaluates vineyard practices on a wide variety of criteria such as: soil type and soil preparation; vine root development; choice of rootstock, clone and vineyard site; trellising methods; fertilising and pruning practices; vine shoot development; canopy management; cropping level; soil maintenance; irrigation management; weed control; spray programme and pest control.