Rocking the Daisies 2010

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Welcome to Darling’s environmentally friendly music and lifestyle festival, full of music, good food, good people and great times.

Thousands of fan photos on the Facebook fan page say it all : Rocking The Daisies is a weekend in Darling filled with smiling, happy people like this:

If you like conscientious camping, live music, comedy, good food, green projects, short road trips in the country and a friendly atmosphere, make a date with the Daisies.

This year, the expansion of the green fest sees a celebration of spring across the country, with Rocking The Daisies and Rocking The Gardens (Johannesburg ) taking place on the same weekend.

While sensible souls bring brollies and blankets, we’re generally blessed with brilliant weather over the festival weekend. That hasn’t stopped Gumboots from becoming a festival trademark. Other uniform items are bikinis, parasols, plakkies, parkas, gloves and really big grins. The entertainment line up gives good reason.

Reasons to smile 1: the big, beautiful stage and its wild, wonderful music

Once again, we’ve got visitors from afar.  On Friday New Young Pony Club(UK) will save the night with their sing-along post-punk, New Wave and dance.

Saturday night rocks.  The Springbok Nude Girls will boot up and break hearts. The rock veterans will tear up the stage that also sees  rock n roll stalwarts Taxi Violence, our lady EJ von Lyrik and the ante-encore, monki-punksters, Boo!

Gentler souls will enjoy lounging around to the tune of Holiday Murray first thing on Sunday morning, whose upbeat harmonics make for a cheerful opening to a peaceful party day.

Reasons to smile 2: DJ tent – Red Bull Studio Live

Smaller than the fabulous main stage, this is the tent that rocked the rockers with a swoon of DJs playing everything from light electro to deep jungle. It was tight, it was dusty, and trust me, it was happening.

Reasons to smile 3: The comedy tent is a laugh

The Lemon Tree Theatre will have you in stitches this year. Melt  – amongst  others  – was hilarious in 2009 with cross cultural quips, and this year promises to be your shelter from the norm. If you want to make your debut as the butt of a professional joke, wear weird clothes.

Reasons to smile 4: Cuervo Nu World Beat Barn

Mixes live and recorded with a taste for traditional beats and acoustic elements. Guy Buttery’s fine fingering and Babu’s light, lovable Indian classical fusion will feature, as well as banging dance beats from Mr. Balkanology, Maoriginal later on in the evening.

And that’s just the beginning. Expect stalls, open stretches of countryside, dipping in the dam and dancing all the away. You can see why they made it a three DAY affair that looks a little like this:

(watch out for the funny face at 0:55)

More from the organisers

We chatted to Brian Little, director of Complete Events, about some of the finer details.

CTM: RTD is really coming of age as an all-round entertainment experience  with its beautiful, huge stage, last year’s comedy tent (a big hit in 2009), and the DJ tent that never slept. Is Rocking The Daisies adding any other extras or new initiatives to the experience?

Brian: Once again we will be looking to up our game on every level. This year we have put a lot of effort into the Red Bull Studio Live electronic marquee to create an experience that will be remembered long after the festival is over! We will also be adding a fourth stage this year known as the Jose Cuervo Nu World Beat Barn, this area will focus on foot-stomping beats inspired by traditional music from all around the world. Think Balkan, African, South American, Swing etc

CTM: We’re very interested in the extra efforts your exhibitors make each year. Last’s Seattle experience was quite something. Is there anything new to look forward to from stall holders, or standard favourites that the lifestyle fest would like to highlight?

Brian: When our partners come on board it’s really awesome to see them invest in the Daisies ethos and get creative with their respective areas. This year Nokia have come on board to create an exciting interactive lounge area and Levi’s® are back again with a really cool initiative in our ladies-only Daisy Den. Ray Ban have also come on board this year and will be creating a chill area where people can come relax and experience Rocking the Daisies in a completely new way.

CTM: Can we expect RTD branded gumboots, umbrellas, hats or shades any time soon?

Brian: Ha ha, unfortunately no gumboots, hats or shades this year but if you buy your festival ticket online and register with OVI Music ( you will receive a free official festival tee shirt!


8, 9, 10 October 2010

Cloof Wine Estate, Darling

Full Weekend – outlets R440 , online R465
Saturday/ Sunday – outlets R370, online R395
Sunday – online/gate  R150
Cycle to Daisies – online R235
Campervan (excl. festival ticket) – online R100

Rare Bulbs Found at Cloof

Aliens Give Way to Endangered Indigenous Species

Over the past few weeks many of the top botanists of the Fynbos region have set their sights on Cloof’s Burgherspost Nature Reserve. This was not only because of the spectacular show of daisies and rare bulbs that we usually have, but also the new populations of critically endangered species recently discovered in the reserve. A species is classified as critically endangered when strong evidence points towards the species declining to such a degree that the likelihood of it going extinct in the wild is very high.

The bulbs pictured below owe their re-discovery and subsequent proliferation entirely to our alien-clearing programme. If the Port Jacksons had remained, it’s likely that these species would have been lost to the Cape Floral Kingdom forever.
Babiana leipoldtii ‘Leipoldt se bobbejaantjie’ is known in only seven locations around Darling and nowhere else in the world. All seven sites have highly fragmented, tiny populations are under threat from encroachment by alien trees (Port Jacksons) and grasses (Cynodon dactylon ‘kweek‘). These little specialist bulbs grow in seasonally wet marshlands in low densities and flower for a brief period from early to mid-August. Last year only three individuals were counted on the reserve, but the early warm weather and intensive alien clearing program saw nearly 150 bulbs flowering in a tiny 2 ha area.
Babiana pygmaea ‘geelbobbejaantjie’ is even more rare than B. leipoldtii, previously known in only two locations, and on the brink of extinction. The locations are kept secret from the public, fearing illegal collecting of the very few remaining individuals by specialist collectors. Three individual plants where discovered in an area recently cleared of Port Jacksons and upon further investigation another site with at least 50 adult plants was discovered only a few metres away.
To come and see these amazing flowers for yourself (depending upon when you visit, there may be others), book a wildflower game drive at Cloof or e-mail your details and dates to The drive lasts for about 2 hours and costs R150 per person (minimum two people and no drives on Sundays).

Wine tasting dinners in Darling

A fun-filled Saturday night hosted by the Darling wine producers throughout the month of May.
The evening commences with a tasting of wines from the individual cellars and
is followed by a 3 course gourmet dinner with matching wines selected by the winemaker.

Trinity Lodge, 19 Long St Darling.


1 May – Tukulu
8 May – Ormonde
15 May – Groote Post
22 May – Darling Cellars
29 May – Cloof


R175 all inclusive per person
Contact – Shaun Mc Laughlin – 083 325 4148 or

The Wonderful Wines of Darling

Groote Post sauvignon blancA fun-filled Saturday night hosted by the Darling wine producers throughout the month of November.

The evening commences with a tasting of wines from the individual cellars and is followed by a 3 course gourmet dinner with matching wines selected by the winemaker.


Trinity Lodge, 19 Long St Darling.


31 October      – Darling Cellars

7 November    – Cloof

– Wild mushroom risotto (served with Daisy Darling)
– Fragrant lamb and butternut tagine on dried fruit and almond couscous (served with The Sexy Shiraz)

– Pistachio and rosewater pavlova with seasonal fruit and farm cream (served with Chenin Blanc Natural Sweet)

14 November  – Groote Post

21 November – Ormonde Vineyards

28 November – Tukulu


R175 all inclusive per person

Contact – Shaun Mc Laughlin – 083 325 4148 or