“Why do Animals need Chiropractic Care?” – Talk and Workshop

Animals need chiropractic for the same reason that humans do. They suffer pain, soreness, stiffness and poor mobility, just like we do. Animals and humans are both vertebrates, which means that they have spines. They are prone to experience twists, falls, and injuries and suffer the same consequences as us.

Talk and workshop by Dr Athol Mclean

Have you noticed that your dog…

  • Has difficulty getting up and down?
  • Is tail swishing because of pain?
  • Walks funny, even 3 legged?
  • Has ear shyness (especially on one side)?
  • Resents grooming in certain areas?
  • Has neck restriction, especially to one side?
  • Has excessive and frequent back soreness?
  • Has uneven gait?
  • Has lost power in the hind?
  • Is always moody?
  • Walks “funny”?

Date: Thursday 27 May 2010

Time: 18h00
At the Darling Lodge

Entrance fee R20

All proceeds go to the
Swartland and West Coast SPCA
Join us to find out how you can help your pet