Voorkamerfest 2012 in Darling – 31 Aug, 1 & 2 Sept

Dear Voorkamerfest Fans

It’s that time of the year again!

Planning for VOORKAMERFEST 2012 in DARLING is in full swing!

Tickets are R195 pp for the Friday routes and R225pp for the Sat and Sun routes each, bookings open on 1 July.

Over the past year we have sent out numerous proposals for sponsorship to many organisations, corporations, banks, and government departments in both South Africa and the Netherlands.  However, we are finding that due to the restrictive financial climate worldwide, it has become necessary to seek underwriting support elsewhere.  We therefore appeal to all our faithful friends and offer the following to those able to give Voorkamerfest ongoing support:

As a Voorkamerfest Ambassador your donation of R200 a year will help to assure that this unique festival remains a definite date on the annual calendar. In return, you will be able to book your Voorkamerfest tickets 2 weeks prior to the official opening of bookings i.e. from Sunday 17 June.  Get in early because once bookings open, tickets sell out in a flash!


Your assistance as we move forward to assure the future for Voorkamerfest will be much appreciated!  We look forward to receiving your donation and your 2012 booking (any amount, although only donations of R200 or more will qualify for Voorkamerfest Ambassador status and priority booking)Here’s to another exciting line-up of artists for you again this year!

Please email the loverly Lizaan with your request and proof of payment for Ambassadorship – lizaan@evita.co.za



The Darling Festival / Standard Bank / Darling branch – (00)050111 /
account no. 083 273 689 / ref: surname, initial & AMB

Please eft for my attention or fax to 022 492 2851.

Festival Greetings!

Tasha St John-Reid

082 321 7542

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