Oysters and Mussels at the Darling Wine Shop

Oysters and Mussels at the Darling Wine Shop

How is this for a treat from your “Taste of Darling” store?

As from Friday 9th December you will be able to get FRESH Oysters and Mussels at the

The plan is a follows:


There will be a weekly delivery arriving at the Wine Shop around 15h00 every Friday. Email your order to wineshop@darlingwine.co.za before 17h00 on a Wednesday, receive an invoice and prepay.

Collect on Friday any time after 16h30

TICKLING YOUR TASTEBUDS ….. six of the best

The Darling Wine Shop is also planning to have a special “Chill out” tasting … where you can taste a range of the finest Darling white wines and “sparkles” at a cost of R60 per head for “Taste of Darling” Members and R90 per head otherwise.

Imagine 6 wines….

Imagine 6 oysters……

What a better way to end the week?!!!!

All you have to do is email wineshop@darlingwine.co.za with you contact details and they will put you on to their “Taste of Darling” mailing list …. and keep you updated on “Spoil yourself Fridays” at the Darling Wine Shop”

The Darling Wine Shop – The Old Orchard – 5 Main Street – Darling
Ph: 022 492 3971 or 074 1941 711 – E- Mail: wineshop@darlingwine.co.za

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