West Coast spring flower report – 29 Aug 2011

Click to download the full Flower Report – 29 Aug 2011 as a PDF file.


www.darlingtourism.co.za or www.darlingwildflowers.co.za for more info.


Darling Renosterveld Reserve (At top of village behind the Darling Primary School);

Darling Groenekloof Reserve (R315 alongside the SPCA premises)

Tienie Versfeld Reserve (R315 Darling – Yzerfontein)

– at all the above reserves visitors need to park their cars and walk in the veld

Duckitt Nurseries Wildflower Reserve – farm road through reserve (R307 Darling – Mamre – in front of Duckitt Nursery);

Waylands – farm road through reserve (R307 to Mamre)


All around Darling the flowers are coming along splendidly. The flowers that are most prominent are:-

Spiloxine canaliculata  – Geel Poublom; Spiloxine serrata  -Goue Sterritjie; Babiana nana -Sandveld bobbejantjie; Dorotheanthus bellideformis – bokbaai vygie (all the colour variations); Drosera cistiflora -snotrosie/sundew; Dimorphotheca pluvialis – reenblomitjie; Arcotis hirsute -Gousblom

Groenekloof: The Groenkloof Reserve is looking more and more spectacular but you must go in and walk around mainly on the road side of the reserve:

Oxalis; Romuleas; groot tulp (Moraea flaccida); the odd bloupypie (Gladiolus gracilus); clumps of orange gousblom (Arctotis); Gazania; Arums /varkblom (Zantedeschia) are well developed, as are Euphorbia and veldsuring (Rumex); yellow eendekos (Cotula), and of course the white ones, ganskos; viooltjies (Lachenalias); Spiloxene, Drosera, Lachenalia, Trachyandra, Moraea, Lapeirousia, Gladiolus, Wachendorfia,  Indigofera, Muraltia,  Tripterus, Felicia, Dimorpotheca,

Flowering bushes: Roemenaggie (Struthiola) bushes; Metalasia; poproos (Hermannia);   bokmaellie (Microloma); platannadoring (Arctopus); lots of the geel klapperbrak (Tetragonia herbacea) and wit kinkelbos (Tetragonia nicgrescens); wilde knoffel (Tulbaghia Capensis); tabakbos (Senecio pubigerous);

Most of the above will be evident in the other reserves and fields and more will be visible in the upcoming days.

Tienie Versveld Reserve – as impressive as Groenkloof because it was also burnt. Super displays of Cotula and Blue flax especially at the top dam.

Renosterveld Reserve – worth visiting but it is rather impenetrable in places with many bushes.  Many varieties can be seen along the paths but if visitors are prepared to go off the pathways they will see a greater variety in bloom.

Duckitt Nurseries reserve now also open:- Beautiful swathes of blueflax are most prominent but visitors should get out and walk to enjoy the finer species flowering between: poproos (Hermannia); sterretjies (Spiloxene); surings (oxalis); froetang (romulea); Lachenalie(viooltjies);Snotrosie(drosera); Dimorphotheca pluvialis – reenblommetjie, etc

Waylands now open. The reserve is dominated by the prolific early blue flax and the yellow coloured flowers. The contrast is very pretty. Here is a list of some of the species found: Late and early flax; Pyjama Bush; Various Bobbejaantjies; Lachenalia;Sterretjie –Poublom,Orange star and the small yellow star; Snotrosie; Chinese Lantern; Purple vygiebush; Bok Baai vygies; Yellow Gousblom; Agt dae Genees bos; Gheizhorrheiza: Small yellow and small blue ones; Felicia; Cineraria; Small yellow nemesia; Yellow ixia.

A birdwatcher from Finland was most chuffed to have seen his first Clapper Lark.

HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Plenty

Please note that this is someone’s  perception, and not a guarantee.

LOCATION OF FLOWERS:       Burgherspost Wine Estate Nature Reserve


Wildflower game drives at Burgherspost Nature Reserve.

Please book in advance – Contact Jacques vd Merwe  Conservation Manager

Tel: 022 492 2830   Fax: 086 653 7479  Cell: 084 606 3470

e-mail: nature@cloof.co.za   www.burgherspost.co.za   www.cloof.co.za


TYPE OF FLOWERS:               Cape rain daisies (Dimorphoteca pluvialis); Bloupypies (Gladiolus carinatus, G. gracilis) ; Geelpypies (Gladiolus trichonemifolius); Rooipypies (Gladiolus watsonius); Uintjies (Morea tripetala, Morea speciosa); Tulpe (Morea minuata, Morea flaccida); Sporries (Heliophylla africana) ; Bobbejaantjies (Babiana ambigua); Leipoldt-se-bobbejaantjie (Babiana leipoldtii);  Pajamabush (Lobostemon fruticosa) ; Skilpadbessiebos (Muraltia spinosa) Rotstert (Babiana rigens)

HOW MANY FLOWERS:                     Plenty

(Please note that this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee)


Roadsides along the R315 (Darling –Yzerfontein road) and along the West Coast Road R27

Roadsides along the R307 (Atlantis – Darling)


white rain daisies (dimorphoteca pluvialis); orange arctotis

Lewertjies (indigofera); bloupypies

Oxalis – all different types and colours; yellow vygies


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches

Please note that this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.




Name:                           Darling Wildflower Show

Date & Time:               16 – 18 September 2011

9am  – 5 pm  daily

Venue:                            Darling Sports Club

Admission:                  Adults R25 scholars R15 / Special discount for pensioners R15 ONLY on Friday (The entrance fee includes entry to the landscaped hall as well as a free ride on a tractor drawn wagon to see the Oude Post

Contact:                 Enquiries Con Meyer cell 084 916 111

Stalls:     Ingrid Wilson 083 655 4237

Name:                              Duckitt Nurseries Orchid Show

Date & Time:                15 – 18 September 2011

9am – 5pmdaily

Venue:                              Oudepost Farm Darling

Admission:                   Adults R25 scholars R15 / Special discount for pensioners R15 ONLY on Thursday and Friday

Contact:          022 492 2606 info@duckittnurseries.com

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