West Coast spring flower report – 19 Aug 2011


West Coast Flowerline  –  071 320 7146






LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On the N7 from Nuwerus towards Bitterfontein.

On the road to Kliprand east of Bitterfontein flowers can also be seen and is approximately 80km from Bitterfontein.Beware it’s a gravel road and one should drive slow.         

Route towards Rietpoort towards the towns of Stofkraal & Molsvlei.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Gousblomme, Perdebosse & Vygies.


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Fields 

Please note that this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.



LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        R27 west to Vredendal & east to Nieuwoudtville.

On Zandkraal farm (Maskam Guestfarm) various routes to see flowers aswell.

Urionskraal road, Gifberg road and Kobee road. One can also do a cirular route – Mouerskop.

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Karoo Daisy/Poublommetjies (Osteospermum); Purple Vygies; Beetle Daisy (Gorteria), Yellow and Purple Hongerblom (Senecio) Skaapbos (Tripteris) Perdeblom& Perdebos(Didelta) Fields of Froetangs, Sporries,Bobbejaantjies,Weeskinders.     


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Fields

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.



          Name: Succulent Show

          Date & Time: August and September 2011 Every Day 08:00 – 17:00

          Venue: VANRHYNSDORP

          Admission: R10.00 PP

          Contact detail: 0272191062 



LOCATION OF FLOWERS:         From Klawer along the R362 & the R363 towards Vredendal.

Along the R363 from Vredendal towards Lutzville. Along the R362   towards Strandfontein & Doringbaai.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Purple & white vygies , yellow perdebosse, namaqua daisies (white & orange) & gazania’s.



HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Fields

Please note that this is someone’s    (Fields here and there with patches all over)

perception, and not a guarantee.





LOCATION OF FLOWERSIN TOWN: around Reenblomstreet and Ou Kaapse weg,VredeOordCemetery,RamskopNatureGarden.

OUT OF TOWN: Biedouw Valley, R364 from Clanwilliam towards Nieuwoudtville over the Pakhuis Pass and the Botterkloof Pass, N7 between Clanwilliam and Citrusdal, Ou Klawer pad from Clanwilliam towards Klawer, Nadouwsberg, Boskloof.        


TYPE OF FLOWERS: AtRamskopNatureGarden you can find more than 350 diffirent species flowering at the moment. Other areas mentioned above have the following flowers:      Elandsvy, Kapokbos, Jakkalsblom, Wit Soe, Jakkalsbos, Clanwilliam madeliefie, gousblom, Haarbos, Perdebos, ridderspoor, pietsnot, skildpadbessie, Muraltia Heistra, Hongerblom, sambreetljie, kalkoentjies, sporrie, bokbaaivygie, vygiebos, kappieblommetjie, osteospermum pinnatum, dassiegousblom, berggousblom, botterblom,




HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Fields / Plenty 

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.



          Name: ClanwilliamWild Flower Show

          Date & Time: 25 to31 August 2011

          Venue: Old Dutch ReformedChurch (Blomkerk), Clanwilliam

          Admission: R30 for adults, R25 for pensioners, R5 for children

          Contact detail: cederberg@lando.co.za – 027 482 2024 – www.clanwilliamwildflowershow.co.za

For photos and feedback, also visit the following blog: http://citysearchblog.yellowpages.co.za/citysearchblog/post/459092#more-459092




location of flowersin town :Citrusdal turn off from the N7 to town,

OUT OF TOWN: The Baths turn off;Muller Street turn right,drive straight to Boontjiesrivier towards Boschkloof; Voortrekker Street(ou pad)from Citrusdal towards Clanwilliam, N7 between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam; Beginning of the Cederberg, Algeria turn off towards Cederberg Cottage.

TIPE OF FLOWERS: Katstert(vuurpylfamilie), Proteas/suikerbos, Vygiebosse, Skijlpadbessie(laaste blommetjies), klokkiebos, Heide(Erica glabra), Bokhorinkies/kannetjies, Katstert(aarbossiefamilie), Barroe(lobeliafamilie), Filecia(bloublommetjies), Donkiebos, Kapokbos, Clanwilliamharpuis, Reënblom/Cape rain daisy, Bergmagriet(plenty), Ridderspore, Clanwilliam daisy



    LOCATION OF FLOWERS         On the R364 from Lambert’s Bay towards                                                                                Clanwilliam.

Erven in town. Golf Club. Suurfontein.

TYPE OF FLOWERS                  Vygies (Lampranthus sp), white daisies (Arctotis                                                                  merxmuelleri). Pietsnot (Grielum humifusum) Sorrel (Oxalis                                                  sp).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.






LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On the R399, all along the road from Piketberg to Velddrif.

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     A variety of Ramnas, Gousblom, Namakwa Daisies, Geel siering and Hongerblom (Senecio).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        Along the N7, from Koringberg towards Piketberg.

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     A variety of Namakwa daisies, geel siering and hongerblom ( Senecio).


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.



LOCATION OF FLOWERSVygielaan and Bergrivier Golfcourse, open piece between                                Jakaranda street and Tecoma avenue, open plots in town, tar road to                                     Dwarskersbos. Tarred road (R399) between Velddrif and Piketberg.


TYPE OF FLOWERS: White, yellow, orange Gousblomme. Botterblommetjies. Geelbobbejaantjies, yellow surings, Astertjies,  white reënblommetjies/rain flowers, red katsterte (on the road to Dewarskersbos)


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.






LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        In town on vacant plots (Mainly Sand and Oakroad)

Next to library whole field covered

On road to Langebaanweg (R45)

1st 25km from Hopefield to Velddrift on the


Drive slowly along road.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     White & Orange Gousblomme (Daisies) Patches, Arumlilies (along river), Skilpadbessiebos (New name Muraltia Spinosa), Protea (Sugarbush) Few, Bloupypies (In roadbushes) Few,  Drumsticks (Mauve Verbenas) Patches, Duinebessiebos (New name Muraltia Scoparia), Sewedae Geneesbossie) Patches  (Groen bos met blou blommetjies), Bruin Salvia (Bruin Saliebos) Patches, Geel Hongerblom, Bitoubos, Restios, Pers Cineraria, Bokbaaivygies, Volstruisdoring, Pers Vygiebosse


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.



          Name:                            Hopefield Fynbosskou

          Date & Time:                 25-28 Augustus 2011

          Venue:                           Hopefield Sportklub

          Admission:                    Gratis by hek. Betaal slegs om blommesaal te besigtig.

R15 Volwassenes, R12 Seniors, R5 Kinders

          Contact detail:             Fiona Kotze 0227830856 (Leave message on answering

machine if necessary)/ 0832862457

Lizelle Strydom 0227231720 / 0731876764



LOCATION OF FLOWERS: +3km from the main road.



TYPE OF FLOWERS: Bietou/Chrysanthesmoides,Geel Melkbos/E Maritanica,Ossierapus/O                                                    Cylindrica, Soetkopdikblaar/S sarcoides,Rotsvygie/C rostrata.



Flowershop open from 11H00 – 15H30

Contact Detail: Koos & Elise Claasen: 022 715 3116




Location of Flowers   :Langebaan Gate to Seeberg Hide

Type of Flowers         :Orange gousblom, Yellow Suring, Skilpad Tebossie(Yellow),

Sukkelbossie(Whtie Flower),Bobbejaankool(Yellow Flower),

Spinnekopblom Stems, Hongerblom(Yellow & Pink).

Location of Flowers    :Road Langebaan Gate to Geelbek:

Type of Flowers          : Kaopkbossie(White Flower),Bobbejaankool (Yellow flower)

Strand Sallie(Brown Flower),Harpuisbos/Euryops(Yellow

Flower),Restio/Riet(Brown Flower),Blombos(White Flower),

Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete).

Location of Flowers   :Geelbek

Type of Flowers      : Pink Hongerblom,Restio/Riet(Brown Flower).

Location of Flowers  :Road to Geelbek to Kraalbaai

      Type of Flowers   :Bietou(Yellow Flower),Blombos(White Flower),

Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete),Strand Salie(Brown Flower),

Rooi Naeltjie,Truitjie(Red Flower).

Location of Flowers  : Kraalbaai to Tjaarbank

Type of Flowers        : All the above shrubs.Helder Kuip Vygie(Yellow Flower)

Vygiebos(Bright Purple),Ice Plant,Suring/Sorrel(Yellow &Pink)

Location of Flowers  :Postberg Gate Left to Plankiesbaai

Type of Flowers        :Suring/Sorrel(Yelllow&Pink),Reenblommetjies,

Eendekos(Yellow button flower),Vygiebos(Bright Purple)

Pronk Tulp/Tulip(Pink),Petsnot(Yellow Flower).

Location of Flowers  :Road between Langebaan & Saldanha

Type of Flowers        : Reenblommetjies (White)

      HOW MANY FLOWERS:   Plenty / Patches 




LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On smallholding Pelgrimsrust just before Patrnoster.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Trachyandra falcate (Namakwa Kool)

Trachynadra ciliate (hotnots Kool/Wildeblomkool)

Ornithogalum cooperi (Geldbeursie)

Danbeya zeyheri (Bobbjaanhoek)

Romulea elliptica (Vredenburg Froetang)

Lapeirousia jacquinii (blou Koringblom)

Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)

Carpobrotus edulis (Suurvy)

Othonnacoronopifolia (sand Bobbejaankool)

Arctotheca calendula (Seepampoen)

Arctotis hirsuta (Gousblom)

Dimorphoteca pluvialis (Reenblommetjie)

Arctopus echiniatus (Platdoring)

Ballota Africana (Kattekruie)

Oxalis luteola (geel Suring)


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.

LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On the road between Paternoster and St Helena Bay. Beware                                                it’s a gravel road and one should drive slow.    


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     GLachenalia unicolor (pers Vioolltjie),Zantedeschia aethiopica (Varkblom),  Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)

Carpobrotus edulis (Suurvy),Ruschia tecta (regop Vygie)

Cotula turbinate (Ganskos),Arctotis hirsuta (Gousblom),Arctotis stoechadefolia (kus Gousblom)

Oncosiphen suffruticosum (Stinkkruid)


LOCATION OF FLOWERS: CapeColumbine Nature Reserve otherwise known as Tietiesbaai


TYPE OF FLOWERS       :            Albuca flaccida – slang Tamarak,Albuca juncifolia – klein Tamarak,Arctotheca calendula – Cape weed,Ballota africana – Kattekruid,Carpobrutus acinaciformis – Elandsvy ,Chrysanthemoides monilifera – Bietou,Cotula coronopifolia – Eendekos,Cynanchum africanum – Bobbejaantou,Cysticapnos vesicarius – Klappertjie,Didelta carnosa – see Gousblom,Dimorphotheca pluvialis – Reenblommetjie,Dorotheanthus bellidiformis – Bokbaai Vygie,

Euphorbia arceuthobioides – klein Steenbokbos,Ferraria crispa – Spinnekopblom,Grielum humifusum – Pietsnot,Gymnoidiscus capillaris – Geelkruid,Hemimeris sabulosa – sand Geelgesiggie,Hermannie anifolia – bos Poproos ,Indigofera complicata – silver Lewertjie,Lampranthus vredenburgensis – Vredenburg kruip Vygie,Various other typs Mesembryanthemaceae,Limeum africanum – Koggelmandervoet,Microloma sagittatum – Bokmaellie,Nemesia versicolor – bont Leeubekkie / Weeskindertjies,Oxalis pes-caprea – Suring / Sorrel,Pelargonium fuldigum – rooi Malva,Salvia africana-lutea – strand Salie,Senecio aloides – groot Dikblaar,Senecio sarcoides – soet Dikblaar,Sutherlandia frutescens – Kankerbos,Tetragonia namaquensis – Namaqua Kinkelbossie,Thesium spinosum – steek Groenbasbossie,Trachyandra ciliata – Wildeblomkoo,Trachyandra falcata – Namakwa Kool,Zygophyllum spinosum – Spekbos.


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.





SAS Nature Reserve           : Moreson and Baviaansberg.

(Gravel road to the Reserve): Behind the Farm House


TYPE OF FLOWERS             : White Daisies

                                               Yellow Vygies      


HOW MANY FLOWERS       :    Plenty



TYPE OF FLOWERS            HOW MANY FLOWERS            LOCATION                           


Oxalis pes-caprae Surings                     Patches                  Throughout town

Arctosis hirsute Gousblom                    Patches                  Around Da Gama Monument

Hermannia alnifolia bos Poproos            Patches                  Around Da Gama Monument

Senecia maritimus strand Hongerboom Plenty                    Along entire coastline

Dimorphotheca pluvialis Reënblommetjie                   Plenty           Throughout town

Mesembryanthemum guerichianum Lizard plant          Patches         Coastline through town

Pelargonium capitatum kus Malva          Patches                  Britannica Heights

Berkheya rigida Disseldoring, Krammedik         Patches         Britannica Heights

Bulbina annua geel Kwassie, Kopieva      Patches                  Britannica Heights

Eriocephalus africanus Kapokbossie        Patches                  Britannica Heights

Heliochrysum revolutum strand Sewejaartjie     Patches         Britannica heights

Lessertia frutescens Kankerbos               Patches                  Britannica Heights

Salvia Africana-coerulea bloublom Salie Patches                  Britannica Heights

Trachyandra muricata rolbos Kool          Few                       Britannica Heights


Name:                  Flower Power Arts & Crafts & Food Market      

Date:                    Saturday 27 August 2011

Time:                             10:00 – 14:00

Venue:                 Shelley Point Hotel, St Helena Bay

Admission:           Free

Contact detail:     Karin Board 082 215 8423 / Margie Burgoyne 072 029 9084




LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        Darling Renosterveld Reserve (At top of village behind                                                                  theDarlingPrimary School);

                                                            Darling Groenekloof Reserve (R315 alongside the SPCA                                                                  premises)

                                                            Tienie Versfeld Reserve (R315 Darling – Yzerfontein)

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                 Groenekloof: is now really worth a visit – after the fire last year                                                  the flowers are so much more visible and in profusion. It is still a                                                   little early for most of the bulbous varieties but numerous buds are                                               now evident.

                                                Oxalis; Romuleas; groot tulp (Moraea flaccida); the odd bloupypie (Gladiolus gracilus); clumps of orange gousblom (Arctotis); Gazania; Arums /varkblom (Zantedeschia) are well developed, as are Euphorbia and veldsuring (Rumex); yellow eendekos (Cotula), and of course the white ones, ganskos; viooltjies (Lachenalias); Spiloxene, Drosera, Lachenalia, Trachyandra, Moraea, Lapeirousia, Gladiolus, Wachendorfia,  Indigofera, Muraltia,  Tripterus, Felicia, Dimorpotheca,

Flowering bushes: Roemenaggie (Struthiola) bushes; Metalasia; poproos (Hermannia);   bokmaellie (Microloma); platannadoring (Arctopus); lots of the geel klapperbrak (Tetragonia herbacea) and wit kinkelbos (Tetragonia nicgrescens); wilde knoffel (Tulbaghia Capensis); tabakbos (Senecio pubigerous);

Most of the above will be evident in the other reserves and fields and more will be visible in the upcoming days.

Tienie Versveld Reserve – as impressive as Groenkloof                                                                    because it was also burnt.

Renosterveld Reserve – worth visiting but it is rather                                                              impenetrable in places with many bushes.  Many varieties can be                                                  seen along the paths but if visitors are prepared to go off the                                                      pathways they will see a greater variety in bloom.

HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s  perception, and not a guarantee.


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:       Burgherspost Wine Estate Nature Reserve


Wildflower game drives at Burgherspost Nature Reserve.

Please book in advance – Contact Jacques vd Merwe  Conservation Manager

Tel: 022 492 2830   Fax: 086 653 7479  Cell: 084 606 3470

e-mail: nature@cloof.co.za   www.burgherspost.co.za   www.cloof.co.za


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                Cape rain daisies (Dimorphoteca pluvialis); Bloupypies (Gladiolus carinatus, G. gracilis) ; Geelpypies (Gladiolus trichonemifolius); Rooipypies (Gladiolus watsonius); Uintjies (Morea tripetala, Morea speciosa); Tulpe (Morea minuata, Morea flaccida); Sporries (Heliophylla africana) ; Bobbejaantjies (Babiana ambigua); Leipoldt-se-bobbejaantjie (Babiana leipoldtii);  Pajamabush (Lobostemon fruticosa) ; Skilpadbessiebos (Muraltia spinosa) Rotstert (Babiana rigens)

HOW MANY FLOWERS:                     Plenty

(Please note that this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee)


Roadsides along the R315 (Darling –Yzerfontein road) and along                                                   the West Coast RoadR27

Roadsides along the R307 (Atlantis – Darling)

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                 white rain daisies (dimorphoteca pluvialis); orange arctotis

Lewertjies (indigofera); bloupypies

Oxalis – all different types and colours; yellow vygies


HOW MANY FLOWERS:           Patches 

Please note that this is someone’s      perception, and not a guarantee.





               Name:                           Darling Wildflower Show

            Date & Time:                   16 – 18 September 2011

9am  – 5 pm  daily

            Venue:                                      Darling Sports Club

            Admission:                      Adults R25 scholars R15 / Special discount for pensioners R15 ONLY on Friday

(The entrance fee includes entry to the landscaped hall as well as a free ride on a tractor drawn wagon to see the Oude Post wetland )

            Contact detail:                 Enquiries Con Meyer cell 084 916 111

Stalls:     Ingrid Wilson 083 655 4237

            Name:                                    Duckitt Nurseries Orchid Show

            Date & Time:                   15 – 18 September 2011

9am – 5pmdaily

            Venue:                                      Oudepost Farm Darling

            Admission:                      Adults R25 scholars R15 / Special discount for pensioners R15 ONLY on Thursday and Friday                                               Contact detail:                 022 492 2606 info@duckittnurseries.com


 For updated weather reports, you may visit the following websites:


www.yr.no            www.accuweather.com   www.windguru.com             www.fallingrain.com   www.weathersa.co.za





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