Darling Half Marathon: 21 May 2010

Mark 21 May in your diary 
because it’s time for the 
Darling Half Marathon!

It is that time of the year again. Time to zip up to Darling and to enjoy our Half Marathon, 10km Run and 5km Fun Run/Walk/Doggy Dawdle.

Farmer John is getting his black powder ready to load his rifle for the start and the whole community is getting ready to greet you. Accommodation in the village is filling up fast… Visit www.darlingtourism.co.za

As the sun rises in the distance, the 1860 replica rifle is fired and the runners start their journey through the country.

It’s lambing season and with these lovely rains we are having the route will be green, lush and beautiful

There is lots to do on the weekend. The Museum is having an open day i.e. free – for all athletes and supporters and their families on the 21 May 2010 and many of the businesses are giving specials especially for you.

If you would like an entry form please email mary@toucancape.co.za with “entry form” in the subject line.

For more information, visit www.darlinghalfmarathon.co.za

We look forward to seeing you.

Warm Darling regards

Mary Ashford

Toucan Cape Promotions & Events

Tel: 022 492 3401
Fax: 022 492 2580
Cell: 082 684 5575

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