Tannia Evita launches cookbook: ‘Evita’s Kossie Sikelela’

Evita's Kossie Sikelela cookbookYou are invited to the launch of Evita’s Kossie Sikelela/Evita se Kossie Sikelela – the South African cookbook that only Tannie Evita could have produced!

At: Evita se Perron, Arcadia St, Darling
Date: Saturday 6th March
10h30 for 11h00
RSVP: Book League, tel 022 4922667

The launch will be followed by the show A Koeksister for Zuma @14h00
To book please phone Beryl: 022 4923930


If the road to reconciliation runs through a country’s belly, Evita’s Kossie Sikelela cookbook provides its recipe for peace. She invites the whole country, the whole world, to her table where everybody can feast on dishes like green bean bredie and cumin chicken with sweet potatoes. Who’ll be able to moan and groan between mouthfuls of walnut balls and pampoenkoekies, or baked apple clowns? Truly, there’s nothing like a generous helping of rabbit in red wine or guinea fowl with sultanas & hanepoot to bring forth brotherly love.

And liewe aarde, you will definitely want to be best friends with the orange trifle and Tannie’s melktert. Evita is always well prepared and includes recipes for diabetics and vegetarians, Halaal and Kosher dishes, and even recipes to keep as fit as she does.

Whether she entertains her grandchildren, caters for a picnic or plans a Christmas menu, Evita cooks up a storm.

Richly illustrated by artist Linda Vicquery, the expert behind the dishes.

Also included: many photographs of Evita and a preface by none other than Sophia Loren. Unfolded, the dust jacket is a laminated full-colour poster.

Also available in Afrikaans as Evita se Kossie Sikelela.

About the authors

For many years in the old South Africa, Evita Bezuidenhout had been the ambassadress of the bantustan Bapetikosweti. In the new democratic South Africa she is still the most famous white woman in SA and often finds herself in the company of the powerful and famous.

Pieter-Dirk Uys lives, like Evita, in Darling. He is a well-known playwright and has for decades created memorable characters for one-man shows here and abroad. He is also an Aids activist and promotes safe-sex to teenagers.

Linda Vicquery is a chef and painter. She used to design books for Tafelberg-Uitgewers. She now lives in the south of France.

(Review courtesy of http://umuzi.book.co.za/blog/2010/02/10/get-stuck-into-evitas-kossie-sikelela)

See also: Evita’s BlackBessie

7 thoughts on “Tannia Evita launches cookbook: ‘Evita’s Kossie Sikelela’

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  2. I have already purchaes 2 books which were delivered to me and I posted them onto the U.S.A. Now I would like to order another book for myself and would ask the special favour , Could Pieter please just signe it. My address is 5, 5th Ave., De Oude Renbaan, PAARL 7646

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