The Darling Trust – supporting our little Darlings

The Darling TrustSince its inception in 2003, The Darling Trust has been running various projects which benefit the community of Darling. The main beneficiaries of these programmes are children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Their work includes:

The Outreach Projects

This includes the Community Garden, music, art and drama lessons for children of the community and outings for the senior citizens.


Darling Early Literacy Programme
Darling AHA-Read Programme
Darling Parenting Project

The Darling Craft Cooperative

The Craft and Skills Development Centre trains unemployed people in the art of beading, embroidery, sewing and quilting. The centre has now evolved into a cooperative.


Providing free transport every day for children living with disabilities to a day care centre in Atlantis that provides them with professional care and therapy. People living with HIV/AIDS are also transported to a clinic in Malmesbury to receive vital ARV treatment and medication. Food parcels are provided to families in need.

Special Project: Health and Sport Centre

Darling Health & Sport Centre website

Darling Health & Sport Centre website

The new Health and Sport Centre will offer a swimming pool for the community as well as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre and an activities room. Please visit for more information and to make an online donation to this project.

How you can help

With your help The Darling Trust can continue their excellent work. The easiest way to help is to make a regular monthly contribution by signing this debit order authorisation form. For more information visit our website at

Join now and stand the chance to win 6 bottles of superb wine from the Darling region! The first lucky draw is the end of March 2010.

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