REVIEW: Darling Tractor Ride Food Safari

Review and photos by guest blogger: Vanessa Crease

Transport, country-style!

Country-style transport!

A friend invited us to the Darling Tractor Ride Food Safari. We decided that it definitely sounds like an event not to be missed.  Armed with hats and sun block we headed for Café Mosaic to meet up with our fellow explorers, and to get to know everyone over a glass of Darling Rosé. What a fantastic fun crowd! After much laughter and more Rosé, we headed out to meet the driver with our transportation.

Balancing our wine glasses

Balancing our wine glasses

I have to confess that I was a little bit apprehensive about getting onto a tractor-trailer, especially one where you have to sit on a hay bale, but after a smooth take off it was apparent that our driver knew what he was doing, and everyone sat back and enjoyed the ride to Lelieblom Farm. The ride on the tractor-trailer was surprisingly comfortable, although we all soon realised that sippy cups and straws might be a good idea for drinks for the next ride. But then again spilling your drink in the wind and swinging your wine glass on the back of a trailer was part of the fun!

Lelieblom Farm

Lelieblom Farm

The owners of Lelieblom Farm warmly greeted us upon arrival, and we all felt so relaxed and comfortable in their lovely home. The owners went to great lengths to make us feel welcome. At the farm, we sat at beautifully decorated tables while the local flautist Owen Britz-van Ryneveld, vocally accompanied by Chantal Stanfield entertained us, before a light starter of tomato gazpacho. The soup was divine and everyone absolutely loved it. We were so relaxed and having such a good time that we nearly forgot to keep to our schedule and head back to Darling for our main course.  The atmosphere on the farm gave one the surreal feeling of being somewhere on a cattle farm in Mexico.

Mantis Mall

Mantis Mall

We all got back on the tractor-trailer and headed back to Omnia’s at the Mantis Mall where Omnia had prepared a variety of delicious pies for us, served shortly after our arrival. The pies were delectable, and the company was extremely entertaining. Soon it was time to head on to our final destination.


Waving to the curious onlookers

Waving to the curious onlookers

We all hopped back onto the trailer and headed to Café Mosaic for dessert. Even though it was only a few meters away, we took the tractor, just because we could! The pavlova with ice cream and fruit was so delectable most of us had to share a second portion, even though we’d had more than enough to eat at this stage. Not wanting the day to end, we lingered for a while at Café Mosaic, thinking back on the fantastic experience. What a great way to spend a Sunday…


We will definitely be there for the next one! Thank you Darling!

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Darling Tractor Ride Food Safari

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