Cloof launches Kalumpie & Co.

Kalumpie & Co.Here’s a feel-good (and taste-good) initiative from Cloof Wine Estate. All proceeds of their new wine label, Kalumpie & Co, will be used to fund an education trust for the children of Cloof employees.

Frederick “Bolle” Kalumpie is notionally the production manager at Cloof, but his actual responsibilities extend way beyond that. There isn’t a thing that happens here without his involvement in some shape or form.
His family has lived on Cloof since at least 1945. Given the shameful realities of Apartheid-era South Africa, none of his forebears would have had the employment opportunities that Bolle does. We are both fortunate and privileged to have him as part of the team.
Bolle is married to Marchell, who is responsible for the invoicing and delivery of all our local orders. She is one of the most naturally service-orientated people we have ever encountered and a gem in every respect.
Sadly, the Bolle and Marchell life story is not widely replicated in rural areas. Many promising youngsters are either sucked into the life of alcoholism and drug abuse which surrounds them, or cannot afford the education that will give them a hand-up in life.
In 2005 Bolle and his team of cellar assistants made small batches of Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot, which were aged in barrel, blended and ultimately bottled. This wine is now being released under the label Kalumpie & Co.
It is a wine with all the flavour and concentration you would expect of a Cloof wine, and excellent value at the price.
There is a small quantity of this wine available, and we ask that you support the initiative by ordering Kalumpie & Co Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot 2005 at a cost of only R49 per bottle. To order, visit

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